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Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, March 04, 2017

專業的團隊與用心的老闆; 安排行程與線上溝通都很迅速確實, 當地的旅館也安排的很好(可以根據個人需求跟老闆事先討論想住的旅館類型, 團隊會提出proposal讓客人參考);


其中trekking guide(Min)與兩位porter(Raj, Sushil)都是團隊的正職職員, 雖然只是20多歲的當地男生(對我們來說是弟弟了), 但卻都非常有責任感, 也很專業, 經過四天同甘共苦我們大家都已成為很好的朋友

原本在Pokhara安排的司機(來回trekking點)是Durga先生, 是個非常的紳士老先生, 聊天後才知道Durga其實年輕時在英國念書與工作過, 我們後來多請Nepal GoGo trek安排請求Durga擔任我們在Pokhara當地的一日司機, 結果......必須要說同行的兩位女生們都對Durga評價非常高, 大家可以參考......

奇旺安排的住宿與導遊也非常專業(個人非常推薦Bisnu, 鳥類專家), 個人最喜歡獨木舟遊河與野外賞鳥行程

Jim Kuo

ABC Trek - April 8-23, 2014

Dear D.B., Bhakta, Tirtha, Min,

Thank you very much for your nice arrangement and everything during the whole journey. Bhakta, Tirtha & Min formed such a great team and offered support to us every single minute. They are very caring, supportive and funny. We are very lucky and blessed to have them all along the way to ABC. We are sure it is one of the best journeys in our lives.

Please let me say again thank you so much for this happy, enjoyable, safe, unforgettable trekking trip. You made our dreams come true!

Our best wishes for you all in other trekking journeys!

Kan, Ferris, Yee
Dhampus-Pothana Trek - March 29 - April 5, 2014

Dear D.B. Lama, Bhakta & other member in GoGo Trek

Thank you for everything. Let us learn "slowly slowly". I'll go to Nepal for EBC or Rara Lake. See you next time in Taiwan or Nepal.

Best Regards
Amy Liu & Friends
ABC Trek January 18-28, 2014

I come to here first time. It's a special experience. We had trekking to ABC. It's easy to trekking than Taiwan's Mountain. There are many tea houses we could eat and take a rest.

ABC is Beautiful. Taiwan's mountains are beautiful too. Tour Guide is good his job. We have enjoy trip. Everything is wonderful and beautiful including view sign, people, weather.

Thanks everyone.

Liao, Tsz-Chung & Friends
EBC Trek November 3-19, 2013

Dear D.B. Lama,

Thank you for arranging our KTM city tour and 12 day EBC adventure. Everything went without hitch and I had one of the most memorable experiences.
I would also like to thank Bhakta, who always kept us on course and schedule, provided encouragement ("magic") and entertainment (Big 2) when we need it and just a delightto be with overall appreciateall the beautiful pictures you've taken on Kalapattar!

Thanks & I would definitely recommend to others!!

Jennie Huang



Special thanks to our Mr. Charming Bhakta. I would not made to EBC without his help though to quit so many times before I reached base camp, but Bhakta literally dragged me up there. BIG THANKS to him!

One day if either D.B. or Bhakta ever have chance to visit Taiwan or San Francisco, please do let me know. I'll provide free stay & food. You have my email address.

Allison Wang
ABC Trek - August 3-12, 2013

Nepal GoGo Trek -----------Very Professional!!!

D.B. Thank you so so much for making it possible for us to do the ABC trekking in just 7 days!!!

A dream come true to see the Himalayas and had a great help making it come true from our very passionate and sweet guide & porter. Without them it won't be possible. Thank you so much for your patience.

I has been a priceless experience and especially to find friendships.



Rhesam Firiri, sometimes trekking, sometimes crying Rhesam Firiri. Hope to come back soon and we're waiting for you guys to do trekking in Indonesia!

MATIAS (Norway/Indonesia) & Naomy (Indon
ABC Trekking - March 23- April 6, 2013

This is from Kaylan or Wen Shen. First of all, I want to say I really didn't do any hiking in TW and I know I look troublesome but with all your help "I did it!!" I completed the ten day ABC trekking. Haha, this's something to be remembered in whole my life.

I deeply appreciate all your company and help to make this trip complete and joyful.

Kaylan Cheng

Thanks for your arrangement!! Anything is perfect. Especially for our guide & porter, they are very nice for helping us do anything. I think I will go EBC trekking in the future. You are still my first choice. Thank you again!!

Gene Chang
Jomsom Muktinath Trek- Oct 25-Nov 6, 2012

Dear D.B., Madhav, Bhakta & Team,

I am so glad that I have selected your good company for my first ever trekking in Nepal. I seemed that I choose a right company since I received all prompt email replies from Lama. All the arrangement during my trip is planned nicely and within my budget. My trekking guides Madhav & Bhakta are so professional. Both of them have made my trip lots easier and enjoyable. Madhav is very knowledgeable. He can explain and describe the attraction and trekking techniques patiently. Bhakta is cheerful guy who eagerly helped me while I have difficulties and gave me tone of positive energy. If I come to Nepal for trekking in future I certainly will use GoGo Treks again. Wish you all very well and your company will grow successfully.

Millions Thanks,

Brian Chiang
Ghorepani Poonhill Trek- Dec 20-29, 2012

Yo! This is trouble sisters from Honkong just would like to give BIG Thanks to Nepal GoGo Trek as well as the staff. They did an amazing job, no matter in providing us prompt reply upon our queries, or organizing the whole trip. They always do and will do their best to make the trip smooth and comfortable. That's really what we appreciate most. 

For the 10 days 9 Nights trip, we did enjoy a lot. Especially the 4 day trekking up to Poonhill, we never thought that we would have got it through. Thanks so much for the continuous support and encouragement from our guide Mr.Bhakta and our porter Mr. Bimal together we made it safe back to Pokhara. Yeah!!!

Thanks again. We'll always remember this fabulous adventure in Nepal with Nepal GoGo Trek  and we will definitely recommend this to our friends.

Best Wishes

Ellen & Becky
From Honkong

Nepal Tour-KTM-Chitwan-Pokhara-Nagarkot- Jan 4-11, 2013

Dear GoGo Treks team,

It was a pleasure to have you organize my tour and I have to thank Mr. D.B. Lama for organizing the tour on such short notice. (i.e. less than 12 hours notice)

Thanks to Sat for being my guide for 8 days that I was here and I especially liked staying at the hotel at Nagarkot very nice hotel and I will stay there again.

I will be returning to do some trek, may be to Everest Base Camp and I look forward to dealing with GoGo Treks again.

Thanks for everything and thanks for my Nepal experience which I would not have had otherwise.


Daniel Ghinea

Langtang Trek- Jan 5-13, 2013

Dear GoGo Trek Company & Bhakta,

I have travelled many country, but this time the trip is very amazing
and unforgettable. Snow mountain view, cute Nepal people, and
spectacular view ……. too many things that we can remember all my life.

Thanks for all the people who help us in this trip including Bhakta, Kamal, GoGo Company. All of them are nice guys.

Although the trip is very hard and tired to us, but we already start to plan the next goal to complete ABC & EBC. ^_^

Thanks for our soltee!!

Hsieh Hsin-Pu & Lin Kui-Yueh

Nepal Tour & Trek -Nagarkot-Ghorepani Poonhill Trek-Chitwan-KTM- Feb 9-20, 2013

Dear D.B. Sajita, Bhakta & Kamal,

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us throughout the whole trip!!!

This is my first experience to come visit Nepal and I'm sure that this won't be the only trekking I've completed in Nepal also I'm glad to choose your service rather than the others. Sincerely hope that we will meet again in the near future.

All the best to your business!

Wish you all have a great life!

To Bhakta & Kamal: "Base camp" will be my next goal!

I would love to have you by my side. Cheers!

Arthur & Friends
Taiwan & Malaysia
Ghandruk Trekking - Chitwan Safari - January 01, 2012

t's such an exciting and pleasant trip here in Nepal! It's not just about the mountains and rivers and jungles that take my breath away. The people here in Nepal are just amazingly nice. "Namaste" is going to be an international world, for that I'm sure, if more people come to visit Nepal. Thanks Madhav, Bhakta & D.B. for arranging such an unique and exquisite trip for us.

Once is not enough.

We'll try to come back for more and more to find the beauty of the nature, the people and of ourselves.

Yang De & Friends




Yang De &他的朋友們
Dhampus Trek - January 26, 2012

Dear D.B.& Madhav, Bhakta

Year1212 (original article) Me and my husband in August 2011 visit to Nepal, to all itinerary chosen by Nepal GOGO Treks to help take care of arrangements. Nepal has always been our dream to visit the country, especially because of its rich cultural and natural resources, my husband is a cultural and historical enthusiasts, natural fanatic, so that Nepal can meet the two of us common needs. Due to the introduction of a friend, we decided to rely on Nepal GOGO Treks to arrange our trip. The person in charge of Nepal GOGO Treks DB speak Chinese to Taiwan, there are a lot of friends in Taiwan, so Taiwan are particularly bother to entertain. We hired a guide to accompany us 10 days of the trip, and hired a porters followed by our three-day mountaineering trip, in retrospect, I really thought it was OK GOGO Treks of Nepal to assist with the arrangement, first of all, Nepal GOGO Treks all staff are very friendly, they are very focused on customer needs, before we start, Nepal GOGO Treks to spend very much time discussing our trip with our email, even if we change the trip three times, they have taken the trouble and very patient. In addition, they attach great importance to the concept of time, our guide, always early, never late, once my husband and I get up early than the scheduled time, so ahead of the 30 minutes of arriving at the hotel lobby, when I saw our guide in the lobby such as us, I really surprised to speak to. Also, Nepal the GOGO Treks arranged accommodation made me very satisfied with the most impressive live-in three-day mountain climbing trip in the mountains hotels, those hotels are always located in the most beautiful places of the local landscape, causing each morning are reluctant to leave. The most important thing is to GOGO Treks Nepal to ensure the safety of our trip, health and happiness, many friends have been to Nepal travel have experienced the case of diarrhea or illness, we do not have any stomach does not know the situation, but then I know all we have eaten in restaurants are Nepal GOGO Treks carefully selected to ensure that our health. The memories of this trip to Nepal is so beautiful and I look forward to the future have the opportunity to revisit, I also hope that can each go to Nepal as we have such good memories, if you need, may wish to contact the Nepal GOGO Treks to help you the itinerary, I believe very satisfied with the service you will be provided.

Deng, Bingguang & Wu, Jiaqing


作者: Year1212 (原文章) 我和我的先生在2011年八月造訪尼泊爾,所有的行程皆由Nepal GOGO Treks協助打理並安排。尼泊爾一直都是我們夢想造訪的國家,特別是因為它的豐富的文化與自然資源,我先生是位人文歷史愛好者,我則是自然狂熱者,所以 尼泊爾能滿足我們倆共同的需求。由於一位好友的介紹,我們決定依賴Nepal GOGO Treks來安排我們的行程。Nepal GOGO Treks的負責人D. B. 會講中文,來過台灣,有很多台灣朋友,所以對台灣來的客人都特別花心思招待。我們聘請一位嚮導全程陪伴我們10天的行程,並聘請一位挑夫跟著我們三天的登 山行程,現在回想起來,我真的覺得還好有Nepal GOGO Treks的協助與安排,首先,Nepal GOGO Treks的所有工作人員都非常友善,他們十分注重顧客的需求,在我們出發前,Nepal GOGO Treks花非常多時間與我們email討論我們的行程,就算我們更改行程三次,他們還是不厭其煩而且非常有耐心。此外,他們十分重視時間觀念,我們的嚮 導只會早到,從不遲到,有一次我和我先生比預定時間早起,所以提早了30分鐘抵達旅館大廳,當我看到我們的嚮導已經在大廳等我們的時候,我真的是驚訝的說 不出話來。還有,Nepal GOGO Treks安排的住宿也讓我十分滿意,最讓我印象深刻的是三天登山行程中所留宿的山中旅館,那些旅館總是座落在當地風景最優美的地方,害我們每天早晨都捨 不得離開。最重要的是Nepal GOGO Treks確保我們行程的安全、健康和快樂,許多去過尼泊爾自助旅行的朋友都經歷過拉肚子或生病的情形,我們並沒有任何腸胃不識的狀況發生,後來我才知道 所有我們吃過的餐館都是Nepal GOGO Treks精心挑選過的,以確保我們的身體健康。這次到尼泊爾旅行的回憶是那麼美好,我期待未來能有機會再次造訪,我也希望每位去尼泊爾的人都能像我們擁 有這麼好的回憶,如果你需要,不妨聯絡Nepal GOGO Treks來協助你的行程安排,我相信你會對他們所提供的服務非常滿意。

Deng, Bingguang & Wu, Jiaqing
EBC Trekking - November 11, 2011

Thank for D.B good planning our EBC trekking. Awesome and lucky trekking and guide Madav gave us any kind of support on mountain region and finally, finish our dream EBC trekking on Nepal. Thanks god and Buddha, we didn't any delay at mountain area at mountain area.( Lukla –KTM)

Two lucky guys from Taiwan
T.L Yang and Ken

感謝BD完善規劃我們的聖母峰基地營健行活動。這次的登山活動真是太棒了,而且很幸運,嚮導Madav提供我們在山區所需的各種形式的幫助,最後終於完成我們登上尼泊爾聖母峰基地營的夢想。感謝上帝和佛祖的保佑,使我們能如期下山 ( Lukla –KTM)

T.L Yang and Ken
Poohill Trek + Nagarkot + Kathmandu Tour - August 27 to September 4, 2011

With wonderful assistance of Nepal GOGO Treks, my husband and I had a wonderful vacation in late August, 2011. Nepal was our dream destination due to its rich cultural and natural resources. My husband is a history lover and I am a natural lover, so Nepal met both of our need. Nepal GOGO Treks was introduced by one of our friends who had visited Nepal several times. Thus, we decided to rely on Nepal GOGO Treks to organize our trip. We hired a guide for our 10-day trip and a porter for a 3-day trekking. Now as I think back, I believe it was a great decision to get assistance from Nepal GOGO Treks because of several reasons. First, the staff, guides and porters in Nepal GOGO Treks were super friendly and wonderful people. They considered meeting clients' need is the most important. Before our trip, Nepal GOGO Treks spent lots of time communicating with me through emails to make sure our itinerary was what we expected. They were really patient even we changed our itinerary for three times. In addition, our tour guide was never late, always early. One day my husband and I got up 30 minutes earlier and we were so surprised that he was already in the lobby waiting for us. Moreover, the accommodation arrangement was super nice. What impressed me most were the lodges we stayed during our 3-day trekking. Man, Nepal GOGO Treks just knew which lodge had best view and we could barely leave every morning. Most important of all, Nepal GOGO Treks made sure our safely, health, and happiness during the entire trip. Several of my friends who did independent travelling in Nepal had suffered stomach illness. We didn't experience any stomach pain during our trip. Later I realized the restaurants we went were carefully examined and arranged by Nepal GOGO Treks to make sure clients' health. The memories of Nepal are so wonderful that I plan to go back again in the near future. I hope everyone who visits Nepal will have great memories like we had. If you have trouble in deciding which travel agency to rely on in Nepal, perhaps you can contact Nepal GOGO Treks and I believe you will be satisfied with their service.

Sylvia Lin & Chen, Chang-Chih

我和我的先生在2011年八月造訪尼泊爾,所有的行程皆由Nepal GOGO Treks協助打理並安排。尼泊爾一直都是我們夢想造訪的國家,特別是因為它的豐富的文化與自然資源,我先生是位人文歷史愛好者,我則是自然狂熱者,所以尼泊爾能滿足我們倆共同的需求。由於一位好友的介紹,我們決定依賴Nepal GOGO Treks來安排我們的行程。我們聘請一位嚮導全程陪伴我們10天的行程,並聘請一位挑夫跟著我們三天的登山行程,現在回想起來,我真的覺得還好有Nepal GOGO Treks的協助與安排,首先,Nepal GOGO Treks的所有工作人員都非常友善,他們十分注重顧客的需求,在我們出發前,Nepal GOGO Treks花非常多時間與我們email討論我們的行程,就算我們更改行程三次,他們還是不厭其煩而且非常有耐心。此外,他們十分重視時間觀念,我們的嚮導只會早到,從不遲到,有一次我和我先生比預定時間早起,所以提早了30分鐘抵達旅館大廳,當我看到我們的嚮導已經在大廳等我們的時候,我真的是驚訝的說不出話來。還有,Nepal GOGO Treks安排的住宿也讓我十分滿意,最讓我印象深刻的是三天登山行程中所留宿的山中旅館,那些旅館總是座落在當地風景最優美的地方,害我們每天早晨都捨不得離開。最重要的是Nepal GOGO Treks確保我們行程的安全、健康和快樂,許多去過尼泊爾自助旅行的朋友都經歷過拉肚子或生病的情形,我們並沒有任何腸胃不識的狀況發生,後來我才知道所有我們吃過的餐館都是Nepal GOGO Treks精心挑選過的,以確保我們的身體健康。這次到尼泊爾旅行的回憶是那麼美好,我期待未來能有機會再次造訪,我也希望每位去尼泊爾的人都能像我們擁有這麼好的回憶,如果你需要,不妨聯絡Nepal GOGO Treks來協助你的行程安排,我相信你會對她們所提供的服務非常滿意。


Chitwan National Park - Hiking - July 8, 2009

I'd like to recommend the travel agency Nepal Go Go Treks. My friends and I traveled to Nepal and stayed there for one and a half month. Our journey was all arranged by Nepal Go Go Treks. We went to Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park and went mountain hiking. Their service is impressive not merely because of the professional guide they offer. Their kindness is a even more important reason.

The manager of this travel agency, DB, is a very friendly and cute middle-aged man. He is a professional and experienced trekking guide. DB is a man of responsibility and efficiency. He always takes very good care of the tour group. Once we are faced with any possible problem, he would hurry to deal with it to make sure that we are well protected (sometimes I feel that he's like our nanny). Moreover, he always tries his best to fulfill our need. He never says no to our requests as long as they are not unreasonable. He keeps a serious attitude to his work, and he also asks his crew to do so. When facing we tourists, he shows high patience, thoughtfulness, and a sense a humor. We could rest assured during the whole journey because DB is so reliable.

The reason why I appreciate this travel agency is that I've received much help from them. I got a bad cold the day before we went mountain hiking. However, I still had to follow our group due to some mission. On the day we departed, DB insisted that he carry my personal backpack, not willing to let me shoulder the burden. In fact, this is not his work at all. Then some day when we set up our camps in the mountain, my mate came to my tent and told me that DB is looking for me. I went to the outdoor kitchen and saw DB busy in cooking something. It was a bowel of carrot porridge. He said that he noticed I've been eating little those days. He worried I would lack of energy, so he cooked carrot porridge for me. When I hold the bowel of porridge, I nearly bust to tears! I felt homelike warmth in Nepali mountains, which were thousands of miles away from Taiwan!


Mera Peak Climbing - October 18 - November 8, 2010

DB and Team,
Thanks for your support during our trekking to Mera Peak (6061 m). Yes, we have a fully support from you. Kitchen staff, porter, guide and weather are so wonderful. We wish that to have other challenge with GoGo Treks in future. Yes we will back to Nepal in future.

Anto & Suzanna
Everest Base Camp + rafting + Chitwan - 21 days

Dear Go-Go,
We came to Nepal not knowing what to expect, but we were greeted by many friendly faces and many strokes of luck. In 3 weeks we were able to experience many different parts of Nepal. Thanks to your speedy planning and rescheduling we did everything we came to do: saw Everest and the many peaks that surround her, we rafted, rode an elephant in the jungle and saw rhinos, experienced the many cultural wonders of Kathmandu and relaxed with a bottle of wine in Nagarkot. Our guide Dhana was great our porter Maila made going to EBC possible and your support, Neva and Manjul were always behind us. We thank you D.B. Lama for a very memorable 3 weeks.
Wishing you a lifetime of luck and success.

Emily & Daniel Greenberg
Canada & Thailand
Trishuli River Rafting - November 7 to 14, 2006

For most of us it was the first time in Nepal and we enjoyed it a lot. Specially the rafting was the best part of the trip. Very good organized, flexible, very friendly and always fighting with us to the end of each day !

Don't to forget during the rafting the best Nepalese food !

Henning Bragge, Eivind Brenne, Per Christian Lund, Martin, Janne Elin Sandsaeter & Gry Hansen
Poon Hill Trekking - Chitwan - Nagarkot - October 31, 2006 - 13 Nights 14 Days

The thorough organization of the trip makes this package tour indeed home away from home. The wonderful surprise of the cake makes the night unforgettable. The professional and experienced trekking guides especially deserve many acclaims. Their sincere, heart felt warmth makes us feel we were as if with our families. However we would also wish "gogo Trek" to work on a few of the following points so that it would progress to perfection in the days to come.

(1) Provide first-times clients reminders of travelling tips in Nepal (e.g.) visa fee$30,

Again we would love to show our appreciation for ''GoGo Treks'' that has taken such a good care of us. This is a travel agency we would definitely recommend to our friends and family, for we truly felt how you value customers needs and feelings throughout the tour.

Many thanks to DB, Madhav, Manjul and Nana. We never felt ourselves clients; we felt and see friends in you guys!

Huang-ru and Sheming
Dhampus Trek

To DB Lama and Gogo trek team members

This is my first time to been here.I have heard about here
before and dreamed for being here for its old cultures, buildings and lovely
people.However due to limited time we cannot go to Bhaktapur for sightseeing.In
these days trekking is the most impressed and exhausted by power.My bilateral
thighs cramps during the course from Ghandruk to Deurali.Thanks Min for taking
care of me.The views in Ghandruk is very beautiful and luckily we see the
Mt.Annapurna South.Though its tired its worth it. The most excited me is the
jungle safari. We all expected to see the tigers in the jungle but they seemed
to be in the deep of the jungle. The real Rhino and deers appeared in front of
us is very special experience.The guide Min is so nice too.I think I will be
here soon.Because I want to play the paragliding and witness Yaks.And many old
buildings in Bhaktapur.


By Wu Chung Wei

 April, 2016

Dhampus Trek

Dear DB Lama,

Thanks for giving us the unforgetable journey. We will come back again in the furure.Hope you everything is good .Thank you so much.
Thanks for well prepared and well organized team.This journey and landscape was unforgettable.I will
come back soon!

Best wish
Wu Ke Yuan
29th April, 2016
Poonhill Trek - April 10-21, 2014

Dear Friends in GoGo Treks,

Visiting Nepal was my dream and now to come true. Thank you so much for the arrangement & caring. It's so lucky we can go trekking with D.B., Sajita & Kamal. It's a challenge for me but I am so proud of finishing this trekking. It's so wonderful to see the amazing view and the great experience. Thanks D.B. for taking care of us for everything in Nepal. Thanks Sajita for being so thoughtful & friendly. Thanks Kamal for catching me several times when trekking.

Because of your help & support I could overcome this challenge.

So much thanks

Huang Li-Ting

Dear D.B. Lama,

I have great time here. Never forget and come back again. Thank you for everything.

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