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Altitude sickness, often known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), is a very important medical consideration while trekking in Nepal.

• Nausea, vomiting
• Loss of appetite
• Insomnia/sleeplessness
• Persistent headache
• Dizziness, light headedness, confusion
• Disorientation
• Weakness, fatigue, lassitude, heavy legs
• Slight swelling of hands and face
• Breathlessness or irregular breathing
• Less urine output

Prevention Of AMS :
• Acclimatization: After 1000m ascent stay one more night for acclimatization

• Don make rapid ascent.

• No alcohol, no sleeping pills, no smoking, no sex

• Drink more: about 3-4 liters day-clean water (boiled, filtered or medicated), tea, coffee, soup, and juice

• Climb higher, always sleep lower

• Ascent less than 300m a day above 3000m of altitude

• Never trek alone and No heavy backpacks.

Treatment Of AMS :
Descent is the best remedy; do not wait for the helicopters or medical help.

Three medications have been proven useful:

• Diam-ox™ 250mg. (20 tabs)
• Nifedipine10-20mg (10 tabs)
• Dexamethazone4mg (10 tabs)

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